Our Story

Our Story

Inseyab was founded with a singular purpose: to break down the barriers between organizations and their data. We realized that while data had the power to drive innovation, growth, and progress, many enterprises and governments struggled to harness its true potential. Complex, time-consuming BI tools, coupled with a lack of skilled analysts, created a chasm that left valuable insights untapped.

Our founders, a passionate team of data enthusiasts and AI experts, saw an opportunity to bridge this gap. They envisioned a world where decision-makers, regardless of their technical prowess, could easily access, understand, and act on data. This vision led to the creation of Inseyab and our cutting-edge no-code/low-code Business Intelligence solutions, infused with artificial intelligence.

How we do it


Inseyab has developed a strong relationship with customers through its philosophy of customer-centric approach where we strive to focus on solutions that resolve their needs and add value.


Delivered one of the largest BI Projects in the market / Partners with all top BI, Data Management and Big Data players in the market / On-Premise and Cloud based services.

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“Empowering a data-driven world, Inseyab envisions a future where organizations effortlessly harness the full potential of their data. Through intuitive and intelligent Business Intelligence solutions, we aim to break down barriers, enabling decision-makers at every level to seamlessly access, understand, and leverage data for innovation, growth, and transformative progress. We are dedicated to pioneering user-centric innovation, maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance, and driving continuous advancement, ensuring our clients thrive in the dynamic landscape of data possibilities.”


“Inseyab is committed to delivering innovative, user-friendly, and scalable Business Intelligence products and solutions that enable enterprises and governments to make data-driven decisions with confidence. We strive to provide exceptional customer experiences, prioritize security and compliance, and foster a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring our clients stay ahead in an ever-evolving data landscape.”