Data Governance

Data Governance

Implementation Story

DMT partnering with Inseyab for a successful data management and governance consultancy

The Department of Municipalities & Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi plays a pivotal role in urban development and public transport initiatives. Recognizing the immense potential of data in enhancing its operations and decision-making processes, DMT aimed to modernize its reporting methods and cultivate a data-driven culture. The objective was clear: empower decision-makers with analytical reporting driven by actionable, high-quality information. To address this challenge, DMT partnered with Inseyab for an end-to-end implementation of a Business Intelligence (BI) solution. This transformative initiative also encompassed BI consultancy, data governance, and data management, aligning with Abu Dhabi Data Management Standards (ADDMS) and integrating data from diverse sources into a centralized Data Warehouse. 


How We Help Them

Data Analytics Framework

DMT embraced a comprehensive Data Analytics Framework comprising Discovery, Insights, Actions, and Outcomes. This framework empowered the department to transition from data observations to informed decisions and actions. 

Data Integration Excellence

Inseyab’s expertise facilitated the extraction of data from over 20 disparate sources, including Musanada, Capital Projects Reporting System, Municipal e-Permits System, Tawtheeq, and more. This data was harmoniously integrated into a centralized Data Warehouse, eliminating data silos and facilitating a unified view. 

Data Classification Framework

A data classification framework was erected, categorizing DMT’s data assets according to Information Security Standards. This classification facilitated enhanced data security, access control, and compliance. 

Data Governance Establishment

DMT established a robust data governance framework, which included the development of data architecture, data standards, data quality processes, and policies. This framework ensured data consistency, quality, and security, underpinning data integrity. 

Data Management Practice

Inseyab played a pivotal role in setting up the Data Management Practice at DMT. This encompassed crafting a comprehensive roadmap and initiatives aligned with ADDMS guidelines, leading to the establishment of Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, and Data Integration capabilities. 

Compliance with ADDMS

DMT’s initiative seamlessly aligned with ADDMS guidelines, ensuring full compliance with data management standards set by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA).