GPT Modelling

GPT Modelling

Implementation Story

Inseyab’s – An AI Trade Advisor Powered by GPT Integration, an advanced AI-powered platform developed by Inseyab, represents a groundbreaking approach to trade-related decision-making. This innovative platform harnesses the power of GPT integration, tailored prompt engineering, and extensive domain-specific training to provide invaluable insights and advice for traders, investors, and businesses navigating the complexities of international trade. 


How We Help Them

Trade Insights and Decision Support

Users can interact with using natural language queries, seeking insights into market trends, potential trade partners, regulatory compliance, or specific product categories. For instance, users can inquire, “What are the current market trends for electronic devices in South America?” 

Intelligent Response Generation employs its GPT-powered NLP capabilities to analyze user queries, providing detailed and personalized responses. The platform offers insights on market demand, competitor analysis, potential risks, and recommended market entry strategies while factoring in the latest regulatory changes. 

Risk Assessment and Mitigation offers risk assessment capabilities, allowing users to make informed decisions. Users can inquire about potential risks associated with trade decisions, such as importing electronics from a specific country. The platform evaluates factors like political stability, quality control, supply chain disruptions, and trade disputes to provide comprehensive risk assessments. 

Performance Tracking and Historical Analysis maintains a record of user interactions, facilitating performance tracking, review of past advice, and historical data analysis. This enables users to refine their trading strategies over time by analyzing the success of previous trade decisions and comparing them with market outcomes. 

User Interface offers a user-friendly interface, accessible via both mobile and web applications, ensuring ease of use for a wide range of users.