A Microsoft-based Performance Management


Use Case

Successful Deployment of Foresight at Fertil

Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (FERTIL), a member of the ADNOC Group, sought to enhance its business performance management through an automated solution. FERTIL’s Strategy & Corporate Development Division recognized the need to streamline its Balanced Scorecard (BSC) process, which had been labor-intensive and lacked comprehensive insights for decision-making. They partnered with us to implement the Foresight Performance Management platform. 

Value Proposition

Strategic Alignment with Strategy Map

Foresight leverages the renowned Strategy Map framework developed by Balanced Scorecard pioneers, Robert S Kaplan and David P Norton. It enables organizations to clearly describe their strategies, summarize results, and effectively communicate them across the organization. Strategy Maps can be easily set up, aiding in building scorecards for different organizational units.

Streamlined Performance Tracking with Scorecards

Foresight provides a single, centralized view for reporting and tracking performance across various organizational units. The tool facilitates the setup of scorecards for each unit, allowing for easy monitoring of individual and collective performance.  Performance data from different units is consolidated and can be analyzed through intuitive dashboards, reports, and self-service analysis tools.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management

Foresight enables organizations to track performance from multiple perspectives and objectives. It offers the flexibility to set up and build relationships between perspectives, objectives, and KPIs. Users can leverage pre-defined KPIs for various industries or create custom KPIs to suit specific needs. The tool supports weighted average functionality and provides a Formula Builder for customized KPI calculations.

Collaboration and Role Management

Foresight simplifies organizational structure setup through a user-friendly drag-and-drop mechanism. Users and their roles can be efficiently managed, ensuring the right individuals have access to relevant data and functionalities. The tool automates notifications, alerts, workflows, and email prompts, streamlining performance management workflows. It enables easy assignment and tracking of actions, promoting accountability and transparency.

Mobility with Power BI Analytics

Foresight offers mobile access to enterprise performance dashboards through Microsoft Power BI, allowing users to stay informed on the go, using their preferred devices.

Self-Service Analytics

Users benefit from the power of self-service business intelligence (BI) using Power BI. This feature provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to access data marts and models from the underlying data warehouse. It empowers users to explore data, generate insights, and make data-driven decisions.


Key Highlights

Streamlined Performance Management

The implementation of the Foresight Performance Management platform transformed FERTIL’s performance management by eliminating manual data entry and streamlining the process. This streamlined approach enhanced efficiency and accuracy. 

Empowered Decision-Making

Foresight empowered FERTIL’s executive leadership with comprehensive insights into performance metrics. These insights enabled more accurate and informed decision-making, resulting in more effective strategies and operational improvements. 

Collaborative Approach

The project’s success was driven by a collaborative approach that involved FERTIL’s BSC champions, the Strategy & Corporate Development Division, and QDS. This teamwork ensured that the solution aligned seamlessly with FERTIL’s unique requirements. 

Data Quality Improvement

By automating data entry and consolidation, Foresight significantly improved data accuracy and reliability. This enhancement boosted confidence in the information being used to drive critical decisions. 


Foresight demonstrated remarkable adaptability, accommodating the diverse business aspects of FERTIL’s operations. It flexibly aligned with various organizational units, making it a versatile tool for managing performance across the organization.