DT Transformation

Digital Transformation

Implementation Story

Successful digital transformation of SPL

Saudi Post & Logistics (SPL), aspiring to be a national logistics champion, is embarking on a transformative journey to become a data-driven organization. Facing challenges stemming from limited access to real-time data, automation gaps, legacy infrastructure, and customer satisfaction concerns, SPL is determined to overcome these obstacles and establish itself as a logistics powerhouse. At the heart of this ambitious endeavor lies the establishment of a Command & Control Center (CCC), underpinned by a unified data strategy and a cohesive digital twin. This holistic approach to digital transformation aims to revolutionize logistics operations and elevate SPL to new heights. 


How We Help Them

Unified Data Strategy

SPL is establishing a unified data strategy to ensure that data becomes a valuable asset, supporting informed decision-making across all levels of the organization. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Real-time monitoring and automation enhance operational efficiency, reducing delays and bottlenecks. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Faster issue resolution and proactive intervention lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


Increased order processing capacity by over 50% provides scalability to meet growing logistics demands.