Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication Industry

Unlocking Telecom Insights: Axiata's Customer-Centric Transformation

Our implementation for Axiata revolves around providing critical insights for both Consumer and Corporate customers of a Telcommunication, focusing on Basic and Value Added Services (VAS). Using a stack of informative infographics, this solution extracts data from relevant systems and delivers Key Indicators concerning usage and consumption, payment collections and default, high-value and regular customers, upsell potential, risk customers, and more. Through these insights, management gains visibility into fluctuations in the number of users for each service and category, ultimately shedding light on critical issues such as churn and other key metrics.


Key Highlights

Churn Mitigation

By monitoring customer trends and identifying potential churn risks, the Telco was better equipped to retain its customer base.

Upsell Opportunities

The solution highlighted upsell potential, enabling the Telco to maximize revenue from existing customers.

Real-Time Monitoring

The ability to observe usage fluctuations in real-time allowed for proactive decision-making and rapid response to changing trends.

Comprehensive Insights

The solution offered a comprehensive view of customer behavior and service usage, empowering management to make informed decisions.

Customer Segmentation

Insights into different customer segments (Consumer and Corporate) allowed for more targeted strategies.