Oil & Gas Utilities

Oil & Gas Utilities

ADNOC's Data-Driven Oil & Gas Transformation

Inseyab partnered with ADNOC to usher in a new era of exploration and reservoir management in the oil & gas industry. Through advanced geospatial analysis and data integration, Inseyab transformed the way subsurface modelling, reservoir identification, and asset integrity management were conducted. The result was improved exploration accuracy, enhanced reservoir performance monitoring, and proactive asset integrity management.


Key Highlights

Improved Exploration Accuracy

Advanced geospatial analysis led to more accurate subsurface models and hydrocarbon reservoir identification.

Continuous Reservoir Monitoring

Real-time monitoring allowed for proactive adjustments to field development plans, optimizing hydrocarbon recovery.

Enhanced Asset Integrity

Early warning signs of equipment degradation or failure were detected, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data analytics empowered decision-makers with actionable insights for exploration, reservoir management, and asset integrity.

Cost Efficiency

Proactive asset maintenance and optimization of field development plans resulted in significant cost savings.