Use Case

Performatrix at Unilever: Elevating Performance through Seamless Deployment

Performatrix an integrated Employee Life Cycle and Performance Management solution implemented at Unilever Pakistan, a leading FMCG multinational. It was introduced to address specific challenges and pain points in their Sales division’s recruitment, performance management, and employee training processes. 

Value Proposition

Recruitment & Selection

This module automates your complete recruitment process from receiving resumes to orientation and assigning mentors. A quicker and more efficient hiring mechanism with less strain on the HR department.

Profile Management

Profile Management module has been developed based on the recognition that is important to keep record of personal and entity information. The tool allows you to manage profile of each employee and his records.

Training & Development Management

Training management layer provides interface to prepare professional trainings according to skill sets which provides knowledge-sharing, absolute control and visibility over Workforce Knowledge Level. Automating creation and delivery of training programs reducing overall training costs drastically.

Task Management

Task Management is a real-time workspace where managers can assign tasks to team member and get the job done. It takes the online collaboration for communication, transparency, and accountability to next level.

Performance Management

Performatrix equips you with an in-depth employee performance information. Increase transparency, high retention and employee satisfaction by taking in account both job performance and self-development. The tool integrates seamlessly to your performance management data source and provides real time performance tracking and insights through intuitive dashboards and reports.

Leadership Matrix

Managers can place employees on a leadership matrix based on their job performance and self-development for future roles. The process can also be automated based on pre-defined performance management mechanism.

Reward Management

Reward your Star Performers with bonus or promote them as Team Leads, within their own teams to manage and assign tasks.

Exit Management

Resignation can be placed from user’s account, followed by approval from the manager. Resulting in a vacant position that can be filled seamlessly using the recruitment module.

Quiz Creation

Performatrix offers a quiz creation tool to assess and train the new employees. Video and document-based training programs with quizzes that employees can take to enhance their capabilities. Managers can generate different summarized reports based on the quiz results.


Key Highlights

Online Hiring Process

The online hiring process introduced by Performatrix includes a Hiring Request module, CV submission portal, interview scheduling, and candidate selection. This digital approach ensures that hiring managers and HR teams can efficiently manage  recruitment activities online.

Employee Training and Quizzes

Performatrix facilitates employee training through quizzes. These quizzes serve as assessments, helping to gauge the knowledge and skills of employees. The results are captured and used to monitor training progress, ensuring that employees receive the necessary skills and knowledge. 

Data Integration with ULTRA

Integration with ULTRA, Unilever’s existing data source, is a critical aspect of the implementation. This integration ensures that employee data is consistent and accurate across systems, reducing data discrepancies and improving data-driven decision-making. 

Mobile Notifications

The implementation includes the setup of real-time mobile notifications. These notifications are delivered to managers, providing them with updates on each employee’s training progress. This feature enhances communication and accountability. 

Custom Dashboards and Reports

To provide a user-friendly interface for data analysis, custom dashboards and reports were created using RDLC Reporting tools and custom JavaScript components. These dashboards offer a visual representation of employee performance and training progress.