Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Transforming Pure Health with Advanced Analytical Solution

Inseyab partnered with Pure Health to revolutionize their healthcare performance tracking in the region. The collaboration resulted in an advanced analytical solution that seamlessly integrated data from multiple sources, including Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS), Finance, and Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), into a centralized Oracle-based data warehouse. The core analytics layer, powered by MicroStrategy, allowed real-time monitoring of various healthcare aspects, providing invaluable insights into operational efficiency and overall performance.


Key Highlights


Patient satisfaction and care outcomes were enhanced through real-time feedback and treatment optimization.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Their internal facilities could make informed decisions, enhancing overall performance.

Centralized Data Warehouse

Oracle technology ensured data integrity and unified access to diverse data sources.

Real-time Analytics

MicroStrategy empowered Pure Health with immediate insights, enabling prompt adjustments to improve patient care.

Operational Efficiency

The solution allowed for more efficient resource allocation, reducing costs and improving service quality.